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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and Handling

What Are The Shipping Times?

What Is A Pre-Order?

Why Has My Order Not Shipped?

I Ordered Multiple Items But 1 Or More Are Missing

Where Are You Based?

Payment Questions

What Payment Options Do You Have?

How Can I Use AfterPay?

Are You Able To Provide An NDIS Invoice?

Can I use more than one discount/offer/sale/promotion?

General Product Questions

How To Clean And Care For Our Products

Do You Have A Warranty For Your Products?

How To Expand The Relax Mat

Can Children Use The Acupressure Mat Or Weighted Blanket?

Can I Use The Mat or Weighted Blanket With My Medical Condition?

Can The Muscle Mat Acupressure Mat Be Used While Pregnant?

How Do Acupressure Mats Work?

How To Use The Muscle Mat Acupressure Mat

Mattress Topper Questions

Will My Sheets Fit The Mattress Topper?

Is The Mattress Topper Too Hot Or Cold?

Do Your Mattress Toppers Fit Caravan Beds?

What Size Mattress Topper Should I Get?

Is your mattress topper allergy-free?

Is it good to have a mattress topper?

What does a topper do for a mattress?

Can you use electric blanket with Muscle Mat topper?

Customer Service

These FAQs Do Not Answer My Question

Help, Why Hasn't Customer Service Replied To Me?

Bed Sheet Questions

Who makes the deepest bed sheets in Australia?

Relax Mat Questions

What is a Relax Mat? (Tatami Mat)