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Matters Toppers
Mattress Toppers
The Relax Mat
Muscle Mat Bed Sheets
Bed Sheets
Australia's Favourite Relax Mat

The Relax Mat is a 35mm thick, slow rebound, memory foam floor rug also known as a Tatami Mat. The Relax Mat will transform any room into a comfortable and stylish area.

With water & stain resistance, this rug is truly versatile. Perfect for kids to play, jump, roll, lay & sleep on

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Australia's #1 Mattress Topper

Our mattress toppers are the perfect addition to your bed. Transform your old or hard mattress into a plush cloud like experience.

We have focused on quality, durability and comfort throughout our design. A true customer favourite.

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NEW! Luxury Easy-Make Sheets

Our Muscle Mat sheets will revolutionize the way you make your bed!

Each corner has an easy to grab loop strap with the corner named, so making your bed is quick and effortless! Just slide your hand through the corner loops and tuck the sheet perfectly under the mattress corners!

They are the deepest sheets in Australia (50cm). Perfect for pairing with our Mattress Toppers.

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Luxury Easy-Make Sheets
Shaggy Relax Mat

The Shaggy Relax Mat is everything you know and love about our original Relax Mat, but with shaggy high pile!

This means its a 35mm THICK memory foam mat which is perfect for laying on, movie rooms and comfort.

You WILL find yourself falling asleep on this

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Introducing the PERFECT Pillow

The luxurious Muscle Mat pillow is the last pillow you'll ever need. We set out to create the most versatile and comfortable pillow and we are sure you'll love it!

There are different curvatures and height adjustment pads, meaning there are 8 different combinations all in the 1 pillow. Perfect for side, back and front sleepers.

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Perfect pillow
The Muscle Mat Acupressure Mat

Through the incredible power of acupressure, the Muscle Mat can naturally relieve tension and induce relaxation throughout the body.

Regular use of the Muscle Mat can ease muscle tension, release endorphins (the feel good chemical), and improve sleep patterns. 

Don't hold off on the benefits any longer, get your Muscle Mat today!

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Acupressure mat
The Mega Blanket

At 315cm x 315cm this is Australia's BIGGEST blanket.

Perfect for 6+ adults. Movie Nights, Camping, Blanket Forts and much more!

Get snuggly today!

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Mega Blanket
Weighted Blankets Are Here

Our weighted blankets give you the sensation of a hug to ensure that you are relaxed and relieved of stress.

Our weighted blankets are the best quality on the market at a great price.

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Muscle Mat - Present At The NRL

Reasons why so many athletes choose to use our products:

Natural Comfort
Money Back Guarantee
A Focus On Comfort
Shipped From Sydney
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