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How To Care For Your Relax Mat

May 10, 2022

The Muscle Mat Relax Mat is perfect for making any room feel comfortable and luxurious. Kids love playing and rolling around on it, and adults love the soft, plush feel of it under their feet. 

To get the best experience from your Relax Mat, please follow the care instructions as detailed below. 

Opening Instructions

When you first receive your Relax Mat, it will be packaged tightly to help speed up postage and handling times. When you open it, it will have creases, bumps and be compressed. Don’t fret - this is normal! 

First, take your mat out and lie it as flat as you can on the floor. Then let it sit for about an hour. After this, we recommend steaming or ironing it. If steaming it, use a steamer that is suitable for soft materials such as a clothes steamer. If ironing it, place settings on low heat, and high steam. Make sure to make sure your iron is not too hot as this may damage the mat. Test on a small, inconspicuous area first.

If your iron does not have high steam settings, you can place a damp (not wet), clean, colourfast tea towel in between the iron and the Relax Mat. This helps generate steam. 

After you have completed the steaming/ironing, your Relax Mat should be ready to use! Don't worry if it's a little smaller than it's meant to be, it will continue to fully expand and puff up for the next 7-14 days, so you will see the final result around this time.

Ongoing Care

We understand life can get messy! Our Relax Mats are stain resistant and easy to clean. 

When there are dry spills such as crumbs, a quick vacuum will do. If the spill is more damp or sticky, you can use wet-wipes or a damp cloth to simply wipe away. We have tested many different types of spills. To see a video of some of the stains we have tested, check out our Instagram video here.

For easy regular cleaning, we recommend sprinkling baking soda all over your mat, leaving for 10 minutes, then vacuuming it. This will help keep your Relax Mat fresh and clean. You can also buy carpet powders, and even ones specially designed for pet odours. Each brand is different so make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Another tip is leaving your Relax Mat out in the sun. Did you know that UV rays can kill bacteria that cause bad odours? Leaving your Relax Mat out in the sun on your balcony or porch (don’t put it on grass or soil) for a day can help freshen it up. The sun combined with a fresh breeze can be great for freshening up all kinds of odours. Don’t leave it out for more than a day at a time, and make sure it’s not going to rain! 

If you haven’t ordered yours yet and are still deciding, check out our Relax Mat details and reviews here.


Got mine today couldn’t be happier

Robyn Crump

Thanks so much for posting this! When I first opened mine I was a little worried because it had quite a lot of creases and didn’t really look like the photos, but then I follow these instructions and now it looks fantastic!


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