Using Your Muscle Mat
So you have ordered your Muscle Mat and now your wondering how you should start using it? 
Getting Started
We recommend starting use on your back as this is the most simple way to use the mat. Lay your Muscle Mat and pillow on a bed or the floor. position the pillow directly on the back of your neck. make sure to lay with even weight across the points of the mat. The first few minutes on the mat may be a little uncomfortable however this subsides quickly. If you find the mat too sharp initially, place a thin sheet on the mat. 
Days 1-4
For the first few days we recommenced using the mat for around 10 minutes as you build up a tolerance. After a few sessions, you should really start to feel the benefits of the mat. The effects should become more apparent the more you use the mat. 
Days 5-13
After you have started to get used to the feeling of your Muscle Mat we recommend increasing your time on the mat to at least 20 minutes. For best results, lay on the mat as soon as you wake up or just before bed daily 
Day 14+
After 2 weeks, you will have learned how the mat effects you personally. Some people find it best in the morning and others find it best at night. At this point, lay on the mat as long as you like. Enjoy!
Muscle Mat Acupressure Mat