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Using a Mattress Topper As Mattress

Some of us much prefer sleeping on the floor to get that solid feedback while sleeping however it can be quite uncomfortable to sleep directly on the floor. 
You may also have extra guests staying in your house and you've run out of beds!
Our Mattress Toppers are extremely thick at 10cm they can make a hard floor feel much better. 

Offering a flexible and cost effective solution for sleeping. Here are some reasons why using a mattress topper by itself might work:

  1. Temporary or Occasional Use: For temporary sleeping arrangements like overnight guests or camping. Our mattress topper can provide a suitable sleeping surface without the need for a full mattress.

  2. Space and Flexibility: In situations where space is limited, such as in small apartments, dorm rooms or for easy storage, a mattress topper can be an efficient choice. It's easier to move and store compared to a traditional mattress.

  3. Cost-Effectiveness: For those on a tight budget, a mattress topper can be a more affordable option than investing in a full mattress, especially if it's for short term use or in a transitional living situation.

  4. Layering for Comfort: Some mattress toppers are designed with high-density foam or other supportive materials. When used on a firm surface, such as a floor, they can provide enough support for a comfortable night's sleep, particularly for younger individuals or those with fewer sleep-related discomforts.

  5. Customization of Sleeping Surfaces: For people who prefer a specific type of sleeping surface that might not be available in traditional mattress forms, a high-quality mattress topper can offer a degree of customization. Layering multiple toppers or combining them with other supportive materials can tailor the sleeping experience to individual needs.