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Muscle Mat vs Mellow Mat

Welcome to our comprehensive comparison of comfort products from Muscle Mat and Mellow Mat, two leading brands in Australia. We know this has been a hot topic recently by many Ozbargain and reddit users (and even for new mums at debating which one is the best), and therefore, in this review, we'll examine the features, benefits, and customer satisfaction of both products, helping you make an informed decision for your ultimate comfort needs. Furthermore, we are excited to introduce the latest addition to the Muscle Mat family - the Soft Touch Tatami Rug.

Muscle Mat:

  • Australia's largest online comfort products retailer
  • 190,000+ happy Aussies customers
  • Known to be Australia's #1 mattress toppers
  • Introducing the soft touch Tatami rug

Mellow Mat:

  • 25% off your first order
  • The Mellow Mat™: 30mm thick slow rebound Memory foam mat/rug


Muscle Mat vs. Mellow Mat Comparison Table

Features Muscle Mat Mellow Mat
Material High-quality, durable Slow rebound Memory foam
Popularity Australia's #1 choice Growing customer base
Purpose Improved sleep, recovery, comfort Versatile for various activities
Durability Long-lasting and resilient Stain-resistant and easy to wash
Athlete's Choice Preferred by NRL, AFL, and Cricket stars Ideal for kids and family time
Price $169 $189

While both Muscle Mat and Mellow Mat offer comfort and softness, Muscle Mat stands out as the preferred choice for many reasons. It has gained the trust of over 190,000 satisfied Aussies and is the top choice of athletes in the NRL, AFL, and Cricket for its ability to enhance sleep, aid in recovery, and deliver unmatched comfort. Additionally, with the introduction of the Soft Touch Tatami Rug, Muscle Mat continues to innovate and provide superior comfort options for every home.

Muscle Mat has garnered widespread praise and appreciation from customers across Australia, with the Tatami Rug receiving glowing reviews for its Soft Touch feel, durability, and transformative impact on rooms and play areas.


What Customers Are Saying About Muscle Mat and Mellow Mat

Customer Testimonial 1 - Muscle Mat: "I have tried several comfort products, but Muscle Mat is truly a game-changer. Its quality, durability, and comfort are unmatched. My sleep and recovery have significantly improved since I started using Muscle Mat." - Sarah K.

Customer Testimonial 2 - Tatami Rug: "The Tatami Rug from Muscle Mat is incredible! It has transformed my kids' play area into a safe and cosy adventure zone. The vibrant colours are just fantastic." - Alex R.

Customer Testimonial 3 - Mellow Mat: "Just purchased my mellowmat thru neptune blanket with a size of 1.52 x 2.03m worth $279 and got discounted of $195 with free shipping. Turned up less than a week. Very happy with the purchase." - EJ

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Choose Muscle Mat for Unbeatable Comfort and Quality

When it comes to your comfort needs, Muscle Mat emerges as the clear winner. Its status as Australia's Best Comfort Products, preferred choice of athletes, and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction make it the ultimate choice for unparalleled comfort. Additionally, with the new Tatami Rug, Muscle Mat continues to lead the way in providing top-notch comfort solutions for every home.

Warranty Note: All Muscle Mat products are backed by a 1-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind and assurance in your purchase.