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Five Ways to Boost Your Motivation and Creativity 

It’s safe to say we are living in a time of busy schedules, uncertainty about the future and demanding workloads. Due to us always being accessible the distinction between work and personal time is becoming blurred. The rollercoaster of seemingly endless tasks, sad news stories and reduction in our relaxation time can leave us feeling flat and unmotivated. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean we can stop getting on with daily life - work, chores and family all need us to keep carrying on, whether we feel like it or not. 
However if you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a bit of a downturn, we’ve rounded up five tips to help give you a boost of motivation and creativity today. 

1. Exercise 

Woman stretching outdoorsThis one’s a no-brainer. Through countless studies, science has shown that even a few minutes of exercise can help your mind feel a rush of energy and endorphins. If you’re short on time, try squeezing in quick high-impact activities such as running, HIIT or an all-out high-energy dance workout. If your joints feel a little too creaky to get your hips shaking just yet, a 30 minute meditation will also help to energise and clear your mind, albeit in a gentler way.

2. Change Your Environment 

You may find that you don’t feel relaxed as soon as you walk into the house, if you work from home or feel like you’re constantly battling housework. If you’ve got your work gear set up in your living areas, break yourself away to give your mind a rest. A brief walk outside or even working from a new place, such as a cafe, library or your balcony for a short period of time can be a great circuit breaker to an otherwise monotonous work day.

3. Phone a Friend 

There’s a reason that this idea has made many a millionaire. Just like the game show suggested, phoning a friend or mentor can help you think about things in a new light, or think about something else completely. Listen to what your body needs - does it need a new perspective, or does it need a break? Then go along with it, even if it’s only for a few minutes. A new voice can help boost creative thinking, sometimes more so than we can achieve by yourselves.

4. Reward Yourself 

Times are tough. You may be feeling tired or burnt out, and you can’t remember the last time you stopped to take a break. Sometimes simply stopping might not be enough - make sure you reward yourself for the effort and energy that you’ve already put in. Reward yourself with whatever boosts your motivation - an online purchase you’ve had in your cart, a fancy meal, a week off or maybe just a particular scarlet wrapped chocolate bar. Enjoy your reward guilt-free and watch how your creativity skyrockets. 

5. Take a Nap 

If all else fails, switch your phone to silent, turn off the lights and dive under the blankets for a solid thirty minutes. For those who have trouble with daytime naps, a weighted blanket is the unmatched answer to your sleep-time woes. A generous, cosy, luxurious blanket designed to lull you into a gentle sleep, weighted blankets feel like a cosy hug on a cool day. Pair it with a comfy mattress topper for the most divine sleep. Dive in and let your stress melt away, so you can awaken feeling energised and inspired. 
Weighted Blanket Linen Bed

What are your top tips to boost your creativity and motivation? Let us know in the comments below. 

Written by Sweni Shah for Muscle Mat

Sometimes it’s more than a flat mood. If you are feeling depressed, anxious or are feeling unlike yourself, help is available. 

Beyond Blue, mental health support: 1300 22 4636 (24/7)

LifeLine, crisis counselling: 13 11 44 (24/7)

Kids Helpline, counselling for young people aged 5-25: 1800 55 1800 (24/7)

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