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Are Bamboo or Cotton Sheets Better

The type of sheets we sleep on can significantly impact our sleep quality. Many people say that there is no better feeling than sliding into bed into some high quality, some and comfy sheets. Sheets can also assist with our heat regulation, which is very important to our sleep quality. 

With that being said, there are so many sheets to choose from, so how do you know which ones to choose? 

Here we compare bamboo sheets to cotton sheets. 

What are bamboo sheets?

Bamboo sheets are made from small fibres extracted from bamboo plants. The bamboo fibres are spun into yarn which is then woven into fabric. The threads are long and thin, which allows for a soft and luxurious feel. Thread count is not very important with bamboo sheets compared to cotton sheets due to the properties of the bamboo threads. Lower thread counts in bamboo sheets compared to their cotton counterparts are considered high quality. The individual threads are softer and have a more 'buttery' texture, so having a lower thread count keeps the lightness and breathability of the sheets, while not compromising on quality. 

Comparing Cotton Vs Bamboo Sheets

Criteria 1: Sustainability

The bamboo plant grows extremely fast and is easy to cultivate. This means that it is highly renewable. In contrast, cotton requires higher amounts of water, chemicals and land in order to produce the same amount of fabric. 

For this reason, bamboo is more sustainable.

Criteria 2: Temperature Regulation

Did you know that bamboo is naturally heat regulating? It wicks away moisture and is highly breathable. It's temperature regulating capabilities means that it helps keep you cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Cotton is also breathable, however not as much as bamboo!

Bamboo wins here!

Criteria 3: Durability

Cotton is a stiffer fabric and is generally regarded as more durable as bamboo. The fabric on cotton sheets may require less care and can handle more harsh washing chemicals. Bamboo in contrast may require more gentle washing methods. 

Winner: cotton sheets

Criteria 4: Price 

Cotton sheets are generally priced lower than bamboo. Cotton sheets have been around for a lot longer and many cheaper bedding stores sell them. There are more luxurious cotton sheets available, however these will be at a high price point. Bamboo sheets are typically priced higher than their cotton counterparts, but many people feel that the luxurious soft feel, sustainability and heat regulation properties make them worth it.

Cotton sheets are the winner for this criteria!

Criteria 5: Softness and Comfort

Bamboo sheets have an extremely soft and 'buttery' feel to them. They feel silky without the slipperiness of silk. This silky soft feel, combined with their heat regulating properties makes them extra luxurious and comfortable to sleep in. Cotton sheets can also feel very comfortable and soft, but generally have a more stiff feel to them. To get a really soft feel, look for high quality luxurious cotton sheets. 

Bamboo sheets win this criteria. 



Overall, their sustainability, softness and heat regulating properties make bamboo sheets a winner for the most comfortable sheets. When looking for a set of bamboo sheets, select ones that fit within your budget, are stylish, and a thread count of around 200. 

If you have a mattress topper, select fitted sheets that have extra depth. 


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